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An Accidental Folly 2
Eric Anderson +
Peik Shelton +

#architecture #section #iteration #representation
A series of images produced for a pin-up, marking the halfway point in the project's development. Although there may be a relatively high level of detail, the design and the drawings would undergo significant redesign. This particular iteration utilized numerous motifs that would eventually be replaced in the final version, namely the use of an expressive brise soleil and carved corner openings. In some ways, this version remains as an alternative outcome for what the project could have been: a scheme which is far more feasible and cost-effective yet one that is arguably less rich on metaphor and imbued meaning.

The following images are from my semester abroad. I would like to know how to make my drawings more substantial, the "information" is all there but drawings are much more than getting the building dimensions across and I would like my drawings to feel more whole?

Meeting House: Prospect + Refuge
Gabe Colombo

#architecture #diagram #plan #section #render
The individual design work seen here was left unfinished after the studio collectively decided to pursue a group design and research project. This meeting house is composed of spaces that offer simultaneous prospect and refuge, paying close attention to the architectural qualities that provide humans with both comfort and connection: intimate space, soft yet legible thresholds, half-walls, and polyrhythmic apertures.

Collaboration with Vivian Gutierez and isabella esparza:

The initial research intended the exploration of how architecture was rejected based on historical typologies and how it served in its social context as a representation of the urban community.

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