[platform for showcasing unfinished versions]

This is a sketch file I made to play with the customization of UI that software allows us, and exploring its effects. Do the aesthetics of the software we use affect the way we use them? I've always been fascinated with the wireframe mode, with the way things are perceived purely through line and density, and how we often are unable to make out what is going on in a traditional sense of 3D objects. This is not a new concept, and is often explored in the representation stages of a project, but I wonder at its effects when used in the design stage. This one screenshot is as far as the project ever got because obviously this kind of thinking didn't fly far in an integrated studio

(bonus: I love the way the grid lines create different moire patterns when viewed on different screens, or scrolled through)

(bonus 2: This is actually not the original project. I never saved the file or took a screenshot of the original lol But when I heard of the idea of unfinished work I thought back to this idea and decided to recreate it to share the screenshot.)

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