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The thematic was based around the notion of “Disaster” This story takes place in a post apocalyptic world. After the complete destruction of planet earth, only a few humans survived in this lifeless landscape. They roamed for months, trying to find some kind of escape, until they stumbled upon-THE JUNKYARD-a territory of leftovers from their past existence. From that, a formation occurred -by the assemblage and amalgam of these single entities, what would later become their escape machine came to life bit by bit. After finally securing their species' safety, population 00 started expanding their mother ship depending on their needs -they now live in a self-sufficient, ever growing machine that would sustain their existence for another century, away from Earth that would become nothing but a distant memory of their past .A metabolic structure, that would create a galaxy of ever expanding organisms: The DEATHSTAR

An Accidental Folly 2
Eric Anderson +
Peik Shelton +

#architecture #section #iteration #representation
A series of images produced for a pin-up, marking the halfway point in the project's development. Although there may be a relatively high level of detail, the design and the drawings would undergo significant redesign. This particular iteration utilized numerous motifs that would eventually be replaced in the final version, namely the use of an expressive brise soleil and carved corner openings. In some ways, this version remains as an alternative outcome for what the project could have been: a scheme which is far more feasible and cost-effective yet one that is arguably less rich on metaphor and imbued meaning.

[Never Finished] Urban Block Rendering | UF SoA
Pietro Mendonca

#architecture #digital compositing  #iterative #render #representation
This set of images includes a Z-Depth Image that I was fascinated by in the process of making the rendering, a "final" presentation image, which I was happy with but not 100% sold on; the next was a revision done about 6-8 months later. The last image is a version about two years after the original image. I think representation is never quite final; new versions can be a form of growth and evolution, and also can be quite neurotic. Although I love indulging in the iterative process, sometimes, the first iteration is the most compelling.

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