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The three-dimensionality of renders is deemphasized in favor of their flatness as electronic images. The images are broken down into pixels and re-three-dimensionalized by attaching a depth value to each pixel, thus completing a process of 3D-2D-3D.

Your Art Has No Value Version_2x Veronica Cristina

#architecture #render #version-tracking
A hyper-commodification of society’s needs as “Art”; a critique to the hyper convoluted system corroding basic human needs.

From my final year at the Bartlett. The proposal is for a museum in LA to the thousands of undeveloped photos of photographer Gary Winogrand, so instantly the idea of 'unfinishedness' was crucial. The work was actually intended to be unfinished at all times, from the intended design itself, to the investigation and representation. In this way, perhaps this particular unfinishedness is not suitable for Version Control! Who knows. The images here show an early 1:50 model photograph (image A) of the gallery space (which is actually a render - the render process of that which was intended to be real/present was key to unlocking the unmadeness of the work), a more developed version of that model in our studio space (image B), and a more developed proposal that sits between the 1:50 model work and a 1:1 representation (image C). All intentionally only half present at all times.

[Never Finished] Urban Block Rendering | UF SoA
Pietro Mendonca

#architecture #digital compositing  #iterative #render #representation
This set of images includes a Z-Depth Image that I was fascinated by in the process of making the rendering, a "final" presentation image, which I was happy with but not 100% sold on; the next was a revision done about 6-8 months later. The last image is a version about two years after the original image. I think representation is never quite final; new versions can be a form of growth and evolution, and also can be quite neurotic. Although I love indulging in the iterative process, sometimes, the first iteration is the most compelling.

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