[platform for showcasing unfinished versions]

Rendering taken from an exploration into generative design and complex façade modeling. This “folly” was in many ways an accident. My goal was to develop a triangulated double skin envelope, but instead unconstrained parameters caused the geometry to explode past prescribed intersection points. While this was not the effect I desired, I still enjoyed the form for its dynamic and evocative qualities.

Rejected/unfinished work from the Spatial Bay project. A series of modules were developed through manipulating the enneper surface. I was interested in the range of spatial qualities those modules created and how the clean planar projections contrast the actual complex play of surfaces.

Rejected/unfinished work from the Sports Shed project. The singular imposing mega-structure gave way to a module-based alternative where the enneper-surface-derived component is combined to become both a space-frame and circulation space, unifying the structure and the programmatic concerns.

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