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From my final year at the Bartlett. The proposal is for a museum in LA to the thousands of undeveloped photos of photographer Gary Winogrand, so instantly the idea of 'unfinishedness' was crucial. The work was actually intended to be unfinished at all times, from the intended design itself, to the investigation and representation. In this way, perhaps this particular unfinishedness is not suitable for Version Control! Who knows. The images here show an early 1:50 model photograph (image A) of the gallery space (which is actually a render - the render process of that which was intended to be real/present was key to unlocking the unmadeness of the work), a more developed version of that model in our studio space (image B), and a more developed proposal that sits between the 1:50 model work and a 1:1 representation (image C). All intentionally only half present at all times.

The Naked and Complicated Model
Jeannelle Fernandez

#model #indexicality
This model came about in the process of translating indexicality into three dimensions. The end result became all about the density and superimposition of lines causing spatial qualities like volumes, hierarchy and pronounced figures to become unrecognizable. Overall, this model explores the role of the line, instead of dividing and categorizing space, it obliterates and becomes the space. Ideas from this model were used in the final stage but the model itself was scrapped.

Mid-review models have some freedom to be imprecise; sometimes they get closer to an idea than the final version.

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