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Sketch 01
Jack Wathieu

#grid #sketch
This sketch depicts a tectonic grid naturally and abstractly- I was influenced by my reading of Hegel at the time, and I find this structure to represent some abstract space containing all possible forms, and all combinations of ideas and theories that go into the creation of such forms. Two structures descend into the grid- a yellow rectilinear type and a red twisting type- and offer a complication to the otherwise regular and static nature of the grid. In an aesthetic sense, the grid- and Geist- must learn to accommodate new ideas. In doing so, I stipulate that the gird itself adopts the same symmetrical properties as the forms that descend on to it.

This sketch begins to depict a fictional excavation of an invented ancient architecture that contains its own symmetries and geometric preferences that might affect coming architecture through time. This is an early effort on my part to explore different spatial organizations that permeate through time.

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