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This event has impacted us in disproportionate amounts and has complete disregard for our “positions” in the world. Some of us are forced to grow up a little faster that we expected while perhaps others come to realize we are rather vulnerable and sensitive humans. In a field where we are actively running around in pursuit of something, not sure what it is, we are forced to pause and reflect, and be with the most important person we know: ourselves. There is a saying going around in spanish that I think is quite wonderful:

"Distanciamiento social, acercamiento emocional.”
This project has the interest of designing the mirror, the figure we see ourselves in. The one that we wake up and face everyday in hopes of finding the excitement to do what we love to do regardless of the circumstances. A small piece of the mirror comes off the overall figure so we can take a piece with us in case we forget who we are along the day. The following images are working storyboards for what the multi-view drawing would look like..

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