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When assessing the given drawing package, I felt myself fixating on one image in particular: 01_02B_1x (captioned: Aggregation Axon). The initial exploration was concerned with spatial qualities derived from ennepers. Yet, when the author depicted these surfaces as transparent, I was intrigued by the varying moments of overlap. My iteration became hyper-focused on randomly selected pixel clusters, revealing the various patterns which emerged from these moments of overlap.

An Accidental Folly 2
Eric Anderson +
Peik Shelton +

#architecture #section #iteration #representation
A series of images produced for a pin-up, marking the halfway point in the project's development. Although there may be a relatively high level of detail, the design and the drawings would undergo significant redesign. This particular iteration utilized numerous motifs that would eventually be replaced in the final version, namely the use of an expressive brise soleil and carved corner openings. In some ways, this version remains as an alternative outcome for what the project could have been: a scheme which is far more feasible and cost-effective yet one that is arguably less rich on metaphor and imbued meaning.

Rendering taken from an exploration into generative design and complex façade modeling. This “folly” was in many ways an accident. My goal was to develop a triangulated double skin envelope, but instead unconstrained parameters caused the geometry to explode past prescribed intersection points. While this was not the effect I desired, I still enjoyed the form for its dynamic and evocative qualities.

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