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In light of the tragedy of George Floyd an, and the tragedy of ALL OF US, I propose a way of remembrance. On a designated day, everyone wear two band-aids on their neck, to remember his agony, to remind ourselves of anger, of wound, because George Floyd's wound is NOT ONLY the wound of African Americans, it is also the wound of every race, of Asians, of Mexicans, of Arabs, and of Caucasians. It is hurting that after all the thorny trails that the resistant precedents have blazed for us, this nation is still filled with injustice and apathy. The double band-aids on the neck not only reminds us, again and again, perpetually, of the unspeakably brutal and undignified way George Floyd has died, but also symbolizes a cross that each of us carry.

Portrait of the Closed and Angry
Collin Stone


#black lives matter  #drawing
It hasn't been a comfortable process, but I've been thinking a lot about the foundational arrangement of racist people, and how to communicate their shortcomings in a way inviting enough to stir up positive change. I figure if a person is to know the value of a loving connection, then that's what would naturally permeate through that person to celebrate the greatest part of being human, which IS love. Then I look around and find that we are nowhere close to achieving a society that is very open or loving. Instead, it's like the act of building up an armed and guarded fortress around yourself has become the move to make. Protecting oneself from a hostile environment, while just taking what they can get from it without giving much back. It's a hell of a thing to accept that this "hostile environment" has completely to do with the abyssal mirror that you and the collective "it" are fused homogeneously beyond the illusion of reality, with mere environmental factors causing spin offs of behavioral difference.  ALL HUMANS CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE SAME, before it has a body, let alone a skin color.  Some of us caveman like people fall short of discovering these truths.  Understanding the situation from a low enough level is key to start breaking down people's fortresses(the black), and opening up their love(the rainbow) to both themselves and others.  #blacklivesmatter

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