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The thematic was based around the notion of “Disaster” This story takes place in a post apocalyptic world. After the complete destruction of planet earth, only a few humans survived in this lifeless landscape. They roamed for months, trying to find some kind of escape, until they stumbled upon-THE JUNKYARD-a territory of leftovers from their past existence. From that, a formation occurred -by the assemblage and amalgam of these single entities, what would later become their escape machine came to life bit by bit. After finally securing their species' safety, population 00 started expanding their mother ship depending on their needs -they now live in a self-sufficient, ever growing machine that would sustain their existence for another century, away from Earth that would become nothing but a distant memory of their past .A metabolic structure, that would create a galaxy of ever expanding organisms: The DEATHSTAR

Monopoly Beirut
Ayman H. Mortada


#game #experimental #digital design
My personal approach to the game is as follows: the game is set in Municipal Beirut, a post war city, scarred by the events of said war. The city is unofficially divided by multiple religious, political, and ethnic ideologies. In contrast, the city does have multiple official jurisdictions, set by the state, in a rather complicated manner. I have chosen to divide the city by merging elements from the official and unofficial divisions. Consequently, It has resulted in a tri-sectorization of Beirut city : The North eastern sector, defined by its industries, the North- western sector, defined by its cultural and religious heritage, and the southern sector, defined by its various militant activities.
The game incorporates three main players. Each player is assigned one of the three sectors in order to control and develop it. The goal is to conquer and overtake other players by conquering their sectors and incorporating them into their own ideology. The conquered sectors will morph into the conquering player’s vision of what a city should be like.
Each of the three players has a specific playing style
The industrial sector is dominated by the opportunistic divinity. This divinity is able to exploit any natural resource within its reach. It Is a greedy being whose primary function is to deprive its people of their right to natural resources, rendering their lifestyles obsolete.
The religious sector is dominated by the toxic divinity. It spreads its roots through which it pumps its ideology and radioactive waste throughout the city, gradually turning it into toxic grounds. It brainwashes its people into the religious sect it is trying to promote.
The militant sector is dominated by the warfare divinity. The majority of its operations are conducted virtually. It has direct communication with military satellites through a beam of light. This enables them to seamlessly monitor its people’s cyber activity. Its first mission is to dominate Beirut, the middle east, and eventually the whole world.
The city is in perpetual conflict until one player successfully dominates the other yard.

Rendering taken from an exploration into generative design and complex façade modeling. This “folly” was in many ways an accident. My goal was to develop a triangulated double skin envelope, but instead unconstrained parameters caused the geometry to explode past prescribed intersection points. While this was not the effect I desired, I still enjoyed the form for its dynamic and evocative qualities.

This is an unfinished Houdini exploration in The Technology for Theory Lab with Joris Putteneers. We explore a Blackbox algorithmic workflow, producing topological complexities resulting deformities, mutations, and abnormalities are celebrated.

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