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I had a project a few years ago that I stopped. It was initially for a narrative that challenged the prospect of desired normalcy as a problematic between citizenship and nationalism. Through challenges of identity and space, the architectural forms were supposed to be idealistic and facist in the same fold. Therein, the architecture was a representational misnomer just as something like the "American Dream" or "American Identity" is cloaked in future promise and nostalgic propaganda. I never finished the body of work, initially for a competition, but it challenged my philosophical logic of decision making as a designer. The intuitive vs. intuition became a rabbithole for me... where was I affecting lives... was I aware of this prior... what gives me the subjectivity and authorization to do such... is there honesty or folly in this realization... is this a foundational consistency to the world of design (art, architecture, etc.) or is this a product of our time?

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